BUTT SCHOOL Lesson No. 3 What is an Anal Fissure?

Let’s get something clear one thing we hate are anal fissures. We wouldn’t wish them on our worst enemy. If not dealt with early, they can become a chronic issue that can last for months so it's important to be aware of how to best treat the issue. Let’s get to the bottom of it!


What is an anal fissure?
An anal fissure is a small tear located on your precious button (anus). Because of all those nerve endings we mentioned earlier (thousands of nerve endings on your butt hole), when the tear becomes irritated from pooping or anal play your butt can feel like it’s being torn apart! Is your butt clenching at the thought? Ours is. Ouch! Here’s what you need to do.

Anal Fissure diagram



Step 1:
Go and see a doctor. They need to take a good look to check that it's not something more serious. Best to know what you are dealing with straight away.



Step 2:
Most likely, you will be suggested to a healthy fiberess diet, a bowel softener, and Rectogesic cream. It's worth noting Rectogesic can cause some blinding headaches, like doing poppers (it has similar nitrate ingredient), but it lasts for hours. That’s because the cream causes the dilation of blood vessels, which is great at making your internal sphincter relax, but not so good for the blood in your head. We suggest using this at night when you don’t really feel it too much.

Try our Sore Butt Soothing Balm during the day to take away that ring sting. Nobody wants that annoying throbbing sensation when your’e a butt on the go.


Eating healthy is key
You want to keep your poos nice and soft so they slip right out, sans tears! This means no more late night Macca’s runs, because honestly, they’ll turn your poos into rocks. Eat a high fibre diet with a variety of vegetables and fruits. Turns out your mum was right all along. Also drink lots of water! Hydration is key to help the body regulate and move through waste.


Keep the butt clean
Another invaluable trick, hygiene is essential for wound healing. But before you say it, wiping your butt isn’t enough. You need to make sure it's poop free. Ideally you’d soak your butt after every poop (bidet, anyone?) 
A warm water bath is great for relieving discomfort. Soaking the area in warm water relaxes your anal sphincter, which helps increase blood flow through your anal tissues. This promotes healing and reduces pain, itching, and irritation.

We’re working on a bathing product to help keep your behind healthy and we can’t wait to share it with you! Be sure to sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know.


No time to soak your butt?
Our Founder, Marc recommends applying a scrunched up piece of toilet paper, soaked in water, to your butthole. Leave it clenched between your cheeks for a minute or two. This soaks up all the nasties and leaves your hole clean and ready for the day. So fancy.



Butt… maybe you have a haemorrhoid?

A haemorrhoid is like the evil mother in law of anal fissures. More specifically, it’s a painful, swollen vein or group of swollen veins in the anus. They can be internal or external. It will be pretty obvious if they are on the outside. If they are on the inside however, your butt might show bleeding or there could be some puss visible. Gross, yes - but our bodies have a way of telling us when they are sick - consider it useful information. The good news is a haemorrhoid won’t last for very long. Yay! You can usually resolve the issue with topical creams from the pharmacist. If the irritability continues, it’s best to see a doctor.